We are Sero

Who We Are

Born from a passion for making a real impact on the carbon emissions we produce from our homes, Sero was founded in 2017. Over the last 6 years, we’ve been busy bees, leading the way on some of the UK’s biggest research projects and developing market-leading technologies and solutions.

Today we’re a team of over eighty individuals, who are proud to be a trusted partner for some of the UK’s largest housing providers, helping them retrofit their homes to Net Zero.

Our experts and technology support housing providers to better understand their housing stock and develop simple and affordable solutions to improve their homes. Together we’re not just tackling climate change but fuel poverty, making sure their residents live in sustainable, affordable, and healthy homes.


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The Sero Journey

Sero was founded by James & Andy.

We achieved B Corp status and commenced works on two new build sites – The Mill and Parc Eirin, delivering low carbon technology in 228 homes.

Sero led the Optimised Retrofit Project for Welsh Government, retrofitting 1,728 homes across Wales with 28 social landlords. We also moved into our Cardiff Hub and received our series A funding from Legal & General and Hodge.

Works commenced on Penderi Retrofit Energy Project – UK’s largest renewable retrofit project of its kind. Sero working with Pobl provides a range of retrofit services including our innovative solar share scheme. 

Hodge and Legal & General, provide us with a second round of investment, enabling us to further invest in our people and expand our team to over 80 experts. 

We partner with Sovereign Housing Group to deliver Retrofit Co-ordination services for 1,000 homes.  

Meet Our Founders

Having worked in Energy and Housing for a long time, James and Andy felt strongly that if they could develop simple and affordable solutions for building and retrofitting greener homes, they could make a real impact.

James is our CEO and is on a mission to help housing providers fund their journey to net zero beyond grant funding, maximising value from our energy systems.  Andy is our Chief Innovation Officer and has a passion for using real-world results in both our algorithms and the insight we provide our clients.

Meet our Team

Mick Ashley

Program Manager

Mick loves being in the great outdoors, whether it’s out on the hills in the lake district, dressed in spandex and exploring on the road bike or pottering in the garden, he is happy! The addition of a cold cider and his wife make it all the more better!

James Dix

Senior Data Engineer

James enjoys big Turkish dinners and hitting the open road on two wheels. His leisure time is filled with D&D, camping, and electronics projects. At home, he cherishes relaxed evenings with his partner, dog, and cat.

Anne-Marie Ratcliffe

Senior Project Manager

Anne-Marie’s favourite place is the Arctic. With each dropping degree in temperature, she gets a degree more alive (though this has only been tested to about 20 so there are probably limits…)

Matt Burton


Matt loves a BBQ, especially on a warm sunny day with a cold beer. Walking his two dogs or watching his sons play rugby is often where you will find him on the weekends. Matt’s other passion is of course Disney & Lego.

James Williams

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

James is happiest when exploring the Welsh forestry, pure escapism, get as far away from civilisation as possible and be surrounded by the amazing natural environment we have. Usually accompanied by small people carrying sticks.

Tiago Ferreira

Product Owner

Tiago is happiest when he puts on a dinner jacket and joins Orchestras around Wales and England on stage playing the clarinet. When not performing, you’ll most likely find him dancing salsa in Latin parties!

Jack Preece

Data Scientist

Hannah Thompson

Customer Experience Specialist

Han’s happiest when she is traveling in Buster, the family camper van. From the breath taking scenic roads of Snowdonia to the gravel tracks of forgotten beaches and undiscovered picnic spots. Getting lost is always bonus adventure!

Andrew Wong

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew enjoys spending quality time with his family, engaging in the sport of basketball, and pursuing his intellectual curiosity by delving into the fields of technology and science.

Josh Skyrme

Systems Engineer

Josh loves spending time with his partner and daughter whether that be chilling at home or adventures out in the sun.

Luke Quinnell

Software Engineering Manager

Luke is found happiest when at home with his wife, two children and their dog. He enjoys anything car related and has a big passion for reading (mostly fiction) and music too! When not asleep, you will likely find Luke drinking coffee.

Kylie Baker

Head of Software Development

Kylie is happiest being surrounded by home comforts or going on holiday to the coast with her husband and dog.

Ciara Murphy

Head of Customer

Ciara is happiest when sampling her favourite street food or waking up to a nice new view in the VW (weather permitting!).

Ross Holleron

Head of Innovation

Ross lives a life of contradictions. He loves a crowded ideas workshop but adores the solitude of working from random places in his van. One day he’ll build that sketch of a PV powered canal boat and disappear into the Llangollen countryside.

Ellie Lancaster

Head of People

Ellie loves nothing better than visiting Tintern, Wye Valley near Monmouthshire for the breath taking scenery. A little haven of escapism!

John Lloyd

Data Engineering & Science Manager

Caffè della Seggiovia in Sauze d’Oulx. John’s favourite bar in his favourite village, tucked away in the Italian Alps. Where they bring you free home cooked Italian food & snacks while you have a few drinks, invariably under bright blue skies surrounded by the snowy mountains.

Nathan Chiverton

Senior Software Engineer

Nathan is happiest when spending time with friends, whether that is at the pub, a local gig or a trip away. When he isn’t spending time with friends, he loves listening to music & adding to his ever growing collection of records.

Antonia Cosgrove

Customer Care Advisor

Often one to take the road less travelled, Toni is a curious adventurer in love with exploring new places and discovering hidden gems. Be it a city stroll down a quirky lane, or finding herself getting lost in a book.

Shijith Sasidharan Pillai

System Engineer

Jonny Green

Lead Software Engineer

Jonnys favourite things to do are going on adventures with his partner, getting lost on his bike in the hills with friends and family, and playing endless board games with the help of his two cats! Oh, and pizza!

Holly Evans

Head of Finance

Holly is happiest on the beach with her family. In the wind, rain or shine there is nothing better than the sound of the waves and the feeling of sand underfoot.

Simon Morris

Manual Test Engineer

Attending the UKGamesExpo with his daughter, where he plays non-traditional board games and role playing game systems he has not experienced before. Especially loves those that he can bring back to play at home with his family and friends or bring to his local gaming group (as well as stories from the expo).

Claire Downey

Customer Care Advisor

Claire’s happy place is wherever her dog Loki is, which is a good job as he follows her everywhere! She loves nothing more than cwtching up on the sofa with him, a cuppa and of course a big bar of chocolate 😊

Tom WoodWard

Project Manager

Tom is easy to please: he is happiest adventuring around by foot or bicycle whenever and wherever he can. Bonus points awarded when accompanied by sun, trees or at least one dog.

Andrew Palmer

Senior Firmware Engineer

Andrew loves spending time on his mountain bike, the occasional trail run, adventures outdoors, and working on his latest project in his garage. These days, he is more likely to be towing one or more of his young family along with him!

Keiron Lloyd

Senior Operations Manager

Keiron is happiest whilst in the Sea, be that dipping his toe during a beach walk with his partner or whilst Scuba Diving in the warmer months (which is ironic given his allergy to Fish).

Jim McArdell

Head of Projects

Jim loves to be in, next to or just generally within sight of the sea be that surfing the waves, walking on the beach or spending time with the family.

Alex Weaterton

Finance Manager

Loves playing with his two small children, but any occasion that he can leave their incessant demands behind has now become precious! Alex particularly enjoys watching live music in Cardiff when he can escape.

Dan Murray

System Engineer

Dans favourite place is anywhere with his partner, whether that’s chilling watching Netflix or out having adventures and travelling together.

Lee Fisher

Technical Manager

Lee is happiest when relaxing at home with his son and Border Terrier dog. In his spare time Lee is a keen musician and loves all live music. Whether it’s a busker, open mic night or following his ageing 00’s Indie heroes….. If there’s a guitar, and a pint, he’ll be there.

Jayesh Mistry

Head of Commercial and Strategic Partnerships

Don Liyanage

Technical Architect

Don is happiest when driving through a quiet & peaceful countryside sounded by nature, but focused on the road.

David Easton

Product Owner

Lizzy Wood

Marketing Manager

When Lizzy isn’t being kept busy by her son, you’ll find her cold water dipping in the sea, at the gym, or visiting her place of calm – New Quay, in West Wales.

Chris Quinn

Billing Analyst

Chris is happiest either out exploring the Welsh countryside or mixing ice cream flavours 😊

Jason Casati

Software Developer

Jason loves when he’s at home fixing broken hardware with endless amount of open browser tabs and a cup of tea/coffee attached to his hand.

Colin King

Technical Lead

When Colin isn’t working he is never happier than being with his wife Michelle, their 2 Labradors and too many horses. He still competes and enjoys the thrill of show jumping and x country.

Lianne Hartley

Junior Developer

Lianne is happiest when backpacking in sunny places, whether that’s road tripping through California or island hopping in Greece. If there’s a quiet spot to read a good book and enjoy an ice cream along the way, even better!

Katie Wiliams

Creative Lead

Katie loves nothing better than trekking up the Sugar Loaf mountain with the family to indulge in the breathtaking views of the Monmouthshire valley… (also nothing to do with the vineyard conveniently placed at the foot of the mountain!)

Rhys Thomas

Business Development Manager

Rhys loves nothing more than going home to help out on his family farm, it’s only 15 minutes from where he lives now but is definitely his favourite place. After that it would be Italy, especially the Amalfi Coast, simply stunning even if their roads are terrifying.

Iolo Morgan-Jones

Business Development Manager

Iolo is happiest spending his time with his partner and their 2 beautiful daughters. When time/weather allows, he can be found spoiling a good walk with bad golf or tempting Trout with a home-made fly. Wherever he is, a healthy supply of hot coffee or cold beer won’t be far away!

Julien Caudron

Senior Data Scientist
Julien’s favourite place is the Belgian rural countryside. His parents inherited an old family building, and he spent a big part of his childhood holidays renovating the house, taking care of the garden and enjoying walks in the surroundings.

Dafydd Jones

UX Designer

Daf enjoys nothing more than hitting the golf course (family permitting). Any remaining spare time is spent watching sport or a good documentary.

Jack Thomson

Lead Developer

Jack was once a music producer & produced tracks with artists across the country and over seas. Jack enjoys long walks, cold swims and most recently, golfing.

Soorya Premsagar

Cyber Security Engineer

Dancing is my favourite activity, especially when I dance with my husband. I love cooking. The kitchen is a place where I can express myself via the art of cooking, whether I’m experimenting with new recipes or preparing cherished family dishes. I treasure every moment I spend with my husband and our adorable child.

Callum Murray

UI / UX Designer

When Callum isn’t at home expertly crafting digital user experiences, he can be found roaming the Welsh Coast in his van, looking for that perfect left and a sunset shore. 🌊 🏄‍♂️

Natalie Jopling

Project assistant

Natalie loves visiting beautiful locations around the world (her favorite so far being Bali), learning about the variety of different cultures, whilst watching the sunset on a beach with a cocktail in hand.

Cerys Williams

Finance Partnerships Manager

Cerys’ happy place is anywhere with her husband and son, however if that place also happens to have ice cream then she’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

Julie Andrews

Customer Care Advisor

An adventurer at heart, Julie is happiest while on holiday with her friends, be it in the wilds of Mayo, Ireland, or Washington D.C in the USA. Throw in a tasty food place and it is smooth sailing from there! 

Matt Kane

Head of Home Controls

Matt’s absolute favourite day out is a trip to Durdle Door beach along with his family, dog, dinghy, body boards and plenty of food!!

Andy Sutton

Co Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Andy likes to be amongst nature or great design (preferable both), whether DIYing, walking, swimming or cycling, though in all instances he’ll want it to be in the sunshine and ending up in a good pub. Or three.

Fuchsia Wildgoose

Zero Carbon Project Coordinator

Fuchsia’s happy place would either be wandering around Westonbirt Arboretum in the Spring, or watching live music surrounded by my friends 😊

Kris Ablett

Senior Customer Service & Experience Manager

Kris’ favourite places are the kitchen and the dining table and would gladly spend his life simply moving between the two only venturing outside to light a barbecue.