Frequently Asked Questions

I’m afraid not, well not yet!

To join Sero life you need to have some renewable technology in your home such as solar panels, battery storage and most importantly a Sero B.E.E. (Building Energy Engine). We’re working on a plan to offer our services to everyone as part of a new retrofit program, watch this space!

We don’t currently sell the Sero system to individual homes, only to groups of homes and developments, but we are working on making the Sero system available more widely. If you’d like to be the first to know when that happens drop us a line at

There is a contract, this is covered by our standard Terms and Conditions, Licence for using our platform (our app) and a Privacy Agreement (how we manage your data). You’re free to leave at any time, we don’t charge exit fees or penalties. You can leave Sero Life by emailing us at or calling us on 029 2000 2882. (if your account is in debit, you willl need to settle that bill before you go).

We’re not going to twist your arm, you don’t have to join us. But If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of the Sero System (lower bills, complete control, save the planet!) you will need to sign up to Sero Life. Why not give us a try?

We’re a Cardiff based business with a mission to reduce the impact that the homes we live in have on our world. We want to change the way that people buy and use energy in their homes, we want to make it easier, lower cost and lower Carbon. We’re all about comfort, not Kilowatts.

We use our technology platform, friendly team and awesome homes* to reduce the amount of energy needed whilst maximising the comfort of our customers.

*We’re part of the Sero group, working closely with our housing partners through every stage of building/upgrading your home with smart, renewable energy technology. The company was founded by James & Andy, they saw an opportunity to make a real difference.

Meet the Sero family here.

You can call us on 029 2000 2882
email us:
find us on facebook @sero Life
or follow us on twitter @Sero_life

Or you can even write us a letter Sero Life, Westgate House, Womanby Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BR.

We’ve partnered with Octopus Energy because they share our vision and are great at what they do (must be the eight legs!)

To make it even better, where it is right for you, we use their Agile Octopus tariff which means that when wholesale pricing falls, you can make the most of this low cost and low Carbon electricity! Sero constantly monitors the changing price and we use the technology in your home to reduce your bill.

We pay Octopus for the energy you use and pass through to you every penny of the savings.

We’re a service provider and we’re all about comfort, not kilowatts. Our job is to reduce the amount you spend on energy, we do this by purchasing the lowest cost electricity we can and constantly searching for the cheapest times throughout the day. We’re also here to support you in your home comfort, our team are available to help make sure your home is working for you.

Our Sero Life app allows you to set the comfort preferences for your home and gives you one place to manage your heating, hot water and even electric car!


At the heart of a Sero life home is the B.E.E. (Building Energy Engine) that is learning how you use energy and what comfortable means to you. The B.E.E. uses this information to source the cheapest, greenest energy available and manages how the energy is used to make sure you are always comfy, reducing your impact on the environment and saving money.

We charge a small daily service fee and it’s part of your agreed comfort bill, which also includes the cost of your metered electricity.

Yes, of course.

If you do choose to switch suppliers you would lose the benefits of the Sero life optimisation and your bill could go up. If you would like to talk to us about switching supplier, you can call us on 029 2000 2882.

Our increasing carbon footprint is having huge effects on the environment. Rising temperatures and changes to weather patterns are changing where plants can grow and Sea levels are rising. As the temperature of our planet increases, rising seas will harm the environment even more, coastal cities and towns could become underwater and there could be food shortages.

If everyone does their bit, together we can make a real difference. We strive to make sustainable choices the easier choice and the better option for your busy lifestyle.

Zero Carbon, for our homes this means that the Carbon in the energy we use in the home (i.e. heating, hot water and plug in devices) is offset against the Carbon in the energy generated by the home (if there are solar panels). Zero Carbon means that they cancel out and reach zero grams of Carbon in a yearly cycle. Homes will usually produce more Carbon in the winter and start to offset it back to zero in the summer.

You can use our mobile app to control your comfort, this includes your room temperatures, hot water and electric vehicle charging. You can also speak to our customer experience team in Cardiff and they can help you set your preferences.

You don’t have to change your lifestyle, but the Sero energy system will mean you have complete control of how you use energy. It will help you to use less energy from the grid, saving you money and helping to save the planet by lowering your emissions.

Hidden away in your home is the Sero B.E.E. (Building Energy Engine) that controls the technology in your home, it learns what comfortable means to you and how you use energy. The BEE makes lots of decisions every day on what is the cheapest, greenest way to provide your home with the energy you need.

Electricity can be very green when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining and at other times everyone is using it and the power stations that meet the high demands run on fossil fuels. We are constantly looking to power your home with the cheapest, greenest energy and using the energy stores in your home, we can avoid the times of day when it’s not so green!

That really does depend on you. The energy saving equipment in your home will reduce how much energy you need and it’s our job to get it at the lowest price. Every person and family are different, so when you tell us how you live, we tailor a plan so that you are only paying for the energy you need, when you need it. If how you live changes, a new baby for example, you can change your plan quickly and easily.

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