Happy Earth Day!

For us at Sero, Earth Day is all about our mission to help people live a zero carbon lifestyle without fuss or frustration. Our goal is to help make all the little decisions we make in every household work to help nature and fight the climate emergency  we do this by making the right decisions both easy and cost-effective for us all 

Too many people are put off choosing a zero carbon lifestyle because it seems hard to achieve and expensive. We are changing that perception through great design, installing intelligent systems to run your home how you want to suit your lifestyle and also by challenging planners, politicians and the housing market to go with the ‘green’ choice. 

Earth Day is a great chance to make the argument for zero carbon living. For being in touch with nature. For embracing a lifestyle that’s mentally and physically better for all of us. Earth Day means focussing on what we are doing now for the benefit of our future generations. That means it’s vital we use the time to learn from COVID-19 about what we might be doing right and doing wrong. The lockdown has shown us we need homes that allow us to comfortably work from home: with plenty of indoor space; built in full speed fibre internet; outside space for play and a connection with nature; and designed to allow a more active lifestyle and less reliance on our cars.  

This is what we are championing every day, but on Earth Day, just a little bit more than usual. By the 51st Earth Day next year we will all have taken many small steps (and maybe some big strides too) so that we are closer to that lifestyle change and zero carbon living. Feel free to check up on us and see how we measure up to the ideas and suggestions highlighted at earthday.org.