Our passions, behaviours, beliefs – The Culture of Sero

Planet over profits
In January 2021 we achieved B Corp status. This recognises that we are part of a community of businesses across the globe, who are meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. In short, our promise to contribute to saving the planet comes above profits.

Together we can make a difference
Each and every one of ‘Team Sero’ are consciously trying to make smarter choices and changes to their everyday lives to help reduce our impact on our world. From recycling and cycling, to minimising our plastic use or planting a tree, we are part of a growing community of people trying to ‘do their bit’. Sharing this choice and passion with the people we work with is great and often a hot topic in our social chat groups – that and obviously what’s the best TV boxset of the moment!

Everyone has a seat at our table
At Sero everyone is equal. Everyone has a seat and is free to contribute and join the conversation. This allows for us to develop and foster some of the most incredible ideas which not only furthers our work, but ensures we are continuously striving to improve on everything we deliver. As a team we all roll up our sleeves and pitch in, balancing hard work with having fun while we are at it.

Breaking the mold
We have an ‘outside the box’ approach to energy and homes which flows into our office every day. We want to be an employer of the future. We embraced flexible working before working from home was the norm; we trust our teams to get their work done from where they feel they are the most inspired and creative, and at a time they are the most productive. The Sero Hub office in the center of Cardiff is a place not just for Team Sero but for our extended family, the two- and four-legged kind. Visitors are actively encouraged but are most welcome when they arrive with baked goods and hot beverages!

Question Everything
We are reimagining the way in which our employees’ journey with Sero begins, how it progresses and how the story pans out. This has given us the opportunity to question everything and introduce guides and procedures fit for the future of Sero and the Sero Team. Things that should have been standard practice but have historically not been, will be, for example, fully paid sick leave and time off for miscarriage. We are excited to launch and share this with everyone very soon.

Trailblazing, the Sero way
Top things about working at Sero:

  • Flexible working – Work in a way that suits you, wherever, whenever – we acknowledge one size does not fit all, as long as the work gets done.
  • Team Culture – we understand that nurturing relationships and connections work to strengthen our team, we are family with even a Friday night dinner thrown in now and then.
  • Growing fast – there are loads of opportunities as Sero grows, you can develop and gain exposure across the business. Grow with us.
  • Benefits – happy workforce = happy Sero. We believe in investing in our people. Perks are part of the Sero everyday.Currently these include 34.5 days holiday, Bupa healthcare and Pension contribution of 6%. But as we said, we are working to ensure this is always a work in progress and have lots of new benefits coming soon such as: cycle scheme, electric vehicle scheme, company options, life insurance, income protection, and plenty of training and development support to name a few.
  • Mission – For ours, for yours and for the generations to come. Sero is for our future.