Sero partners with Octopus Energy to offer smart, Zero Carbon homes for all

Sero today announces a partnership with entech pioneer Octopus Energy to power its zero carbon homes. The energy supplier’s industry-leading smart tariffs has the potential to give Sero customers cheaper, greener power throughout the year.

Households will be able to reap the benefits from dynamic pricing based on half-hourly costs of wholesale energy, allowing them to use energy at off-peak times when there is less demand on the grid and energy is cheaper and cleaner.

The smart tariffs available will integrate seamlessly with Sero’s existing smart energy systems, storage and renewable technologies. It means customers can choose their daily comfort settings, such as how warm they want their home at different times of day.

Sero will manage tariffs and bills for customers through its Sero Life smart energy management app. The Sero Life system connects to smart hot water systems, electric heating and electric vehicle chargers to drive a low carbon, low-cost lifestyle: Sero Life.

Through its retrofit program, Sero will work with social landlords to ensure that smart, renewable technology is available to those who need it most. This starts with the retrofit of 700 homes in South Wales throughout 2021 and the Optimised Retrofit program supported by the Welsh Government.

James Williams, co-founder and CEO of Sero said:
“Working with Octopus moves our Sero Life comfort offer to a new level. We can automate a home so customers can make the most of cheap, green energy without them ever having to think about it. The reality of energy pricing is that it’s constantly changing; what we can do now is take care of the hard work keeping up with price changes and getting the best deal for our customers. Every penny we save on behalf of customers will go straight into their pocket – even the energy they sell back to the grid when their home produces more energy than needed.”

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, CMO of Octopus Energy said:
“Sero are creating the houses of the future, right now, and we are thrilled to be powering them with our smart green energy tariffs. We all know that gas boilers don’t have a place in a net zero world – the houses of the future have heat pumps to keep us warm, chargers to power up our cars, rooftop solar panels to generate green electricity when it’s abundant, and batteries to store it and it’s exciting to see Sero bringing these to life.”