The Sero Life way

“We need people to understand that a zero-carbon lifestyle is not as difficult to achieve as it is perceived, and neither is it as expensive”

We all want to do our bit to fight climate change. Now more than ever, it has become important for us to make changes to the way we heat and light our homes to reduce our carbon footprint.

At Sero we pride ourselves on our forward-thinking approach to energy within homes, with a goal of saving money, saving time, and saving our world.

We make sure you aren’t using energy that you don’t need, and we find the cheapest energy for what you do need. Our homes provide a head start by using renewable energy technology, and that’s just the beginning. Our energy systems search out the cheapest, greenest energy to make sure your home life has the lowest possible impact on the planet. These simple controls are designed to make it easier to tell us what you want, and our clever systems deliver that for you.

At Sero Life, comfort is our priority, we understand that every household and family live differently, one size does not fit all and when it comes to homes only the residents know what’s right for them. To make sure that the comfort of homes are exactly how they would like it we get to know them in more detail so that we can help with setting their comfort how they want and walk them through how to adjust this with a touch of a few buttons in their home or at their fingertips through our mobile app.

We will not only give you better control of your home energy, but it will also lower the cost of your monthly bills or let you increase your home comfort with the same budget. This isn’t about taking away home comforts or changing what we do. It is making a conscious effort to acknowledge what and how we do things in our day-to-day lifestyle and for Sero to make this better! Net Zero carbon will succeed when residents get better comfort, with less effort, and lower energy costs.

Sero is running homes for our customers that typically reduces their carbon emissions by more than 40% (and on their bills too!).

Our app also has a whole heap of additional features to support you in making more green decisions. These include being able to see where your energy comes from and how green it is to knowing where your energy is being used such as heating, car charging and even down to how many times you boiled the kettle that day.

The smart energy system is easy to operate using our Sero Life app, website or by speaking to the Wales based customer service team over the phone.

We’re good at running your home efficiently because we really know homes – we’re involved in the whole building journey, from our world-leading Zero Carbon homes to retrofitting existing homes. So, from concept moots to muddy boots, we understand homes.

Personally speaking, I have worked in the service industry for over 15 years and take immense pride and passion in delivering outcomes which really benefit customers.

For us at Sero our mission is to help people live a zero-carbon lifestyle without fuss or frustration. Our goal is to help make all the little decisions we make in every household work to help nature and fight the climate emergency. We do this by making the right decisions both easy and cost-effective for us all.

Comfort as a service is probably terminology which many people have not heard of. Comfort as a service is about making sure that customers homework for them, keep them cosy, and reduce energy and carbon emissions. Too many people are put off choosing a zero-carbon lifestyle because it seems hard to achieve and expensive. We are changing that perception through great design, installing intelligent systems to run your home how you want to suit your lifestyle and by challenging planners, politicians and the housing market to go with the ‘green’ choice.