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We’re Here To Help Housing Providers Achieve Success At Every Stage Of Their Retrofit Journey

Whether you’re looking to better understand the size of your challenge, or you have funding and need a PAS 2035 compliant coordinator to get you started, we offer a range of services to help you assess and deliver on your Net Zero commitments.

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Assess The Scale of Your Challenge With Portfolio Pathways

If you’re looking to size up the scale and cost of your Retrofit journey or make a strong bid for funding, then Portfolio Pathways is for you.

Using a unique algorithm built by industry, PAS 2035, and data analytic experts, we’ll quickly pull together all your property information at scale and provide you with the management information you need to make informed decisions.


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Using our Portfolio Pathways solution will enable you to:

Size up your challenge
To gain a clear understanding of your housing stock and what’s required to achieve Net Zero.

Gain invaluable MI at a glance
Through a dashboard that visually tells you your top-level costs, and expected energy savings for your tenants, along with the impact on your carbon emissions and EPC ratings, across your entire portfolio.

Make informed decisions
With a breakdown of costs, measures, suggested sequence and timeframe for works and an idea of when you can reach EPC and Net Zero targets.

Create individual Pathways
With base level plans created for each home, that can be used as part of your decision making on where to carry out your retrofit projects first.

Spend your money wisely
With pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to achieving Net Zero, using considerations and data such as your home disposal plans and building performance in real life

Have a central repository
For your property EPC data.

Be Retrofit Ready With Our Retrofit Co-ordination Service

Our PAS 2035 qualified experts work with you and your retrofit team to develop and coordinate your Medium Term Improvement Plans (MTIP). We’ll use our experience, expertise, and technology, to build not only a compliant plan but one that actually delivers on your net zero and EPC targets. What’s more, our Customer Experience Managers will support you to engage your residents so they can live in a healthy and affordable home. 

How we work with you:

We want to make sure that we’re making careful use of your capital budgets and hitting all your requirements and intended outcomes. That’s why before developing your plan, our experts will sit down with you and get a full understanding of your requirements.

We’ll review and analyse your Retrofit Assessment data once we receive it from your Retrofit Assessor, in order to produce your Improvement Options Evaluation (IOE) and Medium Term Improvement Plans (MTIP).

Whilst reviewing we’ll flag any necessary rectification work and build a sequence of works for each home, that will fit in line with both your intended outcomes and/or issues raised within your assessments. 

Now that we have all the information we need, we’ll get to work on developing your bespoke IOE’s and MTIP’s. We’ll use our expertise, experience and wealth of data to ensure you get the right technical solutions, in the right order for maximum benefit, minimising any delays to your program or unplanned spend.

Our PAS 2035 compliant plans include:

  • Individual stepped plan for each property including measures/technology to be implemented and in which order
  • Total spend both at Project and individual property level
  • Graphs demonstrating when you’re likely to reach your EPC and Net Zero targets, you’re carbon emissions and the likely saving to resident’s energy bills.

We’ll work with your Retrofit designers and installers at every stage of delivery, to make sure their works are scoped and done to an acceptable quality and meet all your PAS 2035 and compliance standards.

Our experts will review and sign off their paperwork, as well as undertake spot checks on site, keeping you up to date on progress and reporting back to you any issues or concerns.

Once all of your planned works have been delivered to a satisfactory standard, we’ll compile all of the required documents and lodge into the TrustMark Data Warehouse.

Our Customer Experience experts will support your teams in developing a Resident Engagement strategy, by providing workshops, training, and materials.

Why Work With Us?

We’re With You Every Step Of The Way

We understand that you’re juggling a lot of other priorities and need a trusted partner that can do the heavy Net Zero lifting for you.

Our products and services are designed to help housing providers achieve success at every stage of their Net Zero journey – simply and affordably. We’re here not just to make housing compliant but to make a real impact, future proofing homes for both the residents and the planet.

We see ourselves as an extension to your organisation, from developing your retrofit plans to supporting you with your resident experience. We’re committed, collaborative and promise to always act with integrity.

We Put Your Residents At The Heart Of Our Approach

Our offering is built on the principle that winning the trust of the Resident to support their home on the decarbonisation journey is critical to success.

With in-house resident engagement experts, outputs and content designed specifically for Residents, we’ll support you in developing an engagement strategy that will empower your residents to both take-up and make the most of the measures within their homes.


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We Understand That Every Home Has A Different Story

We take a different approach to other software platforms. We’ve utilised our years of experience in how homes and buildings perform in real life, to make sure our digital platform is using the right data to get the most pragmatic results at scale.

Our digitally-driven service is centered on ensuring the money you spend on measures is carefully and successfully spent.

Unlike other platforms who solely use EPC/SAP spreadsheets, our platform uses all available data for your individual homes. From real energy pricing and ‘unregulated’ electricity use, to granular machine-learning forecasts of future Grid decarbonisation.

What’s more, by gaining a full understanding of your intended outcomes and considering things like your home disposal plans and new build programs; you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how little capital spend you might need to get your homes to Net Zero, in comparison with other systems.

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