Saving our world

We all want to do our bit to fight climate change. Our homes provide a head start by using renewable energy technology, and that’s just the beginning. Our energy systems search out the cheapest, greenest energy to make sure your home provides the lowest possible impact on the planet.

Clean & green

Our homes are fitted with the latest renewable energy technology, like heat pumps that create warmth by using natural sources in the air or ground. Solar panels that capture the sun’s energy on your rooftop and store it in batteries for you to use later. This means you’re well on the way to being Zero Carbon.


Understand your energy

We maximise the amount of renewable energy by timing the demand with those windy or sunny days. At these times, our energy grid gets greener and so does your home. Alongside your own renewable energy, we buy additional energy from the best suppliers.

My Energy

Want to know more?

We love all the clever details – our online dashboard tells you everything you need to know. If you want to look at the history of your home’s operation and how you stack up against other users, we’ll walk you through the wizardry.

What is Zero Carbon?

A lot of people claim to be Zero Carbon, for the operation of their homes since built, so we thought we’d help by illustrating the differences between what it all means.

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We care

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to Net Zero, focusing on the homes in which we live. What we do is much more than just profit, it is about a purpose – helping improve the quality of life for tenants and homeowners by providing a Net Zero lifestyle. So becoming a B Corp is a natural step for us.