Saving you money

Saving the planet shouldn’t cost the earth, we don’t make money by selling you more energy. We work to use less, buying cheaper energy when you need it.

Savings built in

Your home may be built to a higher standard than normal, or has had work done to help keep more heat in, meaning you need less energy to keep it comfortable and warm. Clean, green technology helps to make it even more efficient by generating some of your own energy needs.

My Energy

Peaks and Troughs

When very few people need energy, the price goes down and when everyone really wants energy, the price goes up. That’s life. For most of us, we pay a flat rate but that means we miss out on the cheaper energy that’s available. Not anymore, we constantly look for the cheapest energy for you….and it’s usually the greenest.

Power-ful partners

Energy pricing is constantly changing, it can be hard work keeping up and worrying about getting the best deal. Every penny we save goes straight in your pocket. This also includes the energy you sell, when your home produces more energy than you need or can store. We’ve partnered with Octopus Energy to power our comfort service to you, their mission is to make energy better for you and for the planet. A powerful partnership.


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One step ahead

Our clever systems constantly look ahead, always planning the next move. We know in advance if your home is going to need a top up from the grid, this means we can time everything just right using the cheapest electricity. Cold snap on the way? We’ll be ready to keep you warm.


We believe that pricing in Kilowatts is history. We use your comfort plan and a future energy forecast to plan ahead. Want to know how much it’ll cost to be a bit warmer this winter?  Maybe you want to stick to a budget. We can tell you how your preferences affect your bill and how you can change it.

Fixed monthly bill

We want to make budgeting for energy simple and predictable. Usually the highest costs happen at the hardest times of the year (brr…). Our fixed comfort plan means those summer gains help boost the winter wallet.