Iolo Morgan-Jones

Business Development Manager

Iolo is happiest spending his time with his partner and their 2 beautiful daughters. When time/weather allows, he can be found spoiling a good walk with bad golf or tempting Trout with a home-made fly. Wherever he is, a healthy supply of hot coffee or cold beer won’t be far away!

Katie Wiliams

Creative Lead

Katie loves nothing better than trekking up the Sugar Loaf mountain with the family to indulge in the breathtaking views of the Monmouthshire valley… (also nothing to do with the vineyard conveniently placed at the foot of the mountain!)

Cerys Williams

Finance Partnerships Manager

Cerys’ happy place is anywhere with her husband and son, however if that place also happens to have ice cream then she’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

Jayesh Mistry

Head of Commercial and Strategic Partnerships

Rhys Thomas

Business Development Manager

Rhys loves nothing more than going home to help out on his family farm, it’s only 15 minutes from where he lives now but is definitely his favourite place. After that it would be Italy, especially the Amalfi Coast, simply stunning even if their roads are terrifying.

Lizzy Wood

Marketing Manager

When Lizzy isn’t being kept busy by her son, you’ll find her cold water dipping in the sea, at the gym, or visiting her place of calm – New Quay, in West Wales.

Penelope Jones

Head of Marketing

Penny adores spending time with her daughter, and after her bedtime being nerdy reading books, or playing a board or video game. When she gets the chance, she also absolutely loves doing something crafty like folding origami, sewing a new handbag, or making something funky with resin.