Hannah Thompson

Customer Experience Specialist

Han’s happiest when she is traveling in Buster, the family camper van. From the breath taking scenic roads of Snowdonia to the gravel tracks of forgotten beaches and undiscovered picnic spots. Getting lost is always bonus adventure!

Kris Ablett

Senior Customer Service & Experience Manager

Kris’ favourite places are the kitchen and the dining table and would gladly spend his life simply moving between the two only venturing outside to light a barbecue.

Chris Quinn

Billing Analyst

Chris is happiest either out exploring the Welsh countryside or mixing ice cream flavours 😊

Ciara Murphy

Head of Customer

Ciara is happiest when sampling her favourite street food or waking up to a nice new view in the VW (weather permitting!).

Antonia Cosgrove

Customer Care Advisor

Often one to take the road less travelled, Toni is a curious adventurer in love with exploring new places and discovering hidden gems. Be it a city stroll down a quirky lane, or finding herself getting lost in a book.

Julie Andrews

Customer Care Advisor

An adventurer at heart, Julie is happiest while on holiday with her friends, be it in the wilds of Mayo, Ireland, or Washington D.C in the USA. Throw in a tasty food place and it is smooth sailing from there!