Jonny Green

Lead Software Engineer

Jonnys favourite things to do are going on adventures with his partner, getting lost on his bike in the hills with friends and family, and playing endless board games with the help of his two cats! Oh, and pizza!

Jack Thomson

Lead Developer

Jack was once a music producer & produced tracks with artists across the country and over seas. Jack enjoys long walks, cold swims and most recently, golfing.

David Easton

Product Owner

Kylie Baker

Head of Software Development

Kylie is happiest being surrounded by home comforts or going on holiday to the coast with her husband and dog.

Julien Caudron

Senior Data Scientist
Julien’s favourite place is the Belgian rural countryside. His parents inherited an old family building, and he spent a big part of his childhood holidays renovating the house, taking care of the garden and enjoying walks in the surroundings.

Lianne Hartley

Junior Developer

Lianne is happiest when backpacking in sunny places, whether that’s road tripping through California or island hopping in Greece. If there’s a quiet spot to read a good book and enjoy an ice cream along the way, even better!

Nathan Chiverton

Senior Software Engineer

Nathan is happiest when spending time with friends, whether that is at the pub, a local gig or a trip away. When he isn’t spending time with friends, he loves listening to music & adding to his ever growing collection of records.

Luke Quinnell

Software Engineering Manager

Luke is found happiest when at home with his wife, two children and their dog. He enjoys anything car related and has a big passion for reading (mostly fiction) and music too! When not asleep, you will likely find Luke drinking coffee.

Andrew Wong

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew enjoys spending quality time with his family, engaging in the sport of basketball, and pursuing his intellectual curiosity by delving into the fields of technology and science.

Simon Morris

Manual Test Engineer

Attending the UKGamesExpo with his daughter, where he plays non-traditional board games and role playing game systems he has not experienced before. Especially loves those that he can bring back to play at home with his family and friends or bring to his local gaming group (as well as stories from the expo).

Andrew Palmer

Senior Firmware Engineer

Andrew loves spending time on his mountain bike, the occasional trail run, adventures outdoors, and working on his latest project in his garage. These days, he is more likely to be towing one or more of his young family along with him!

Tiago Ferreira

Product Owner

Tiago is happiest when he puts on a dinner jacket and joins Orchestras around Wales and England on stage playing the clarinet. When not performing, you’ll most likely find him dancing salsa in Latin parties!

Soorya Premsagar

Cyber Security Engineer

Dancing is my favourite activity, especially when I dance with my husband. I love cooking. The kitchen is a place where I can express myself via the art of cooking, whether I’m experimenting with new recipes or preparing cherished family dishes. I treasure every moment I spend with my husband and our adorable child.

Jack Preece

Data Scientist

James Dix

Senior Data Engineer

James enjoys big Turkish dinners and hitting the open road on two wheels. His leisure time is filled with D&D, camping, and electronics projects. At home, he cherishes relaxed evenings with his partner, dog, and cat.

Jason Casati

Software Developer

Jason loves when he’s at home fixing broken hardware with endless amount of open browser tabs and a cup of tea/coffee attached to his hand.