A Net Zero future
starts at home.

What we do

Here at Sero we believe that a green, Net Zero Carbon home should be a possibility for everyone. We understand that the journey to Net Zero and a greener, more sustainable way of life looks different for everyone, but also believe that the move to decarbonise the way we live shouldn’t mean a compromise in comfort or cost.

We think outside the box

Combining industry leading construction and digital expertise to deliver ground-breaking living solutions. Our Passport provides property owners and developers with a clear set of steps to achieving a carbon zero portfolio of homes. Meanwhile our Comfort Service helps the families in those homes navigate their journey to a greener future.

We have created an invaluable tool to understand how your home, building project, or housing stock contributes to the UK’s climate challenges and our pathway provides you with solutions on how to tackle it, together.

Comfort is key at Sero

We are passionate about ensuring that the families living in homes with our forward-thinking technology understand that we are here for the long haul! Our comfort service, Sero Life, offers families a route to effortlessly achieve comfort at the lowest possible cost, carbon footprint and in the least amount of time, through intelligent home controls. We are here to help you save time, save money and save the planet.

Why we do what we do

Put simply – because we need to

Net Zero starts at home

40% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from households, how we build and live in our homes, makes up a big proportion of this. As a nation, we will not succeed in fighting the Climate Emergency if we don’t effectively eliminate carbon emissions from every one of our homes.

We do this for ours, for yours and for future generations. Sero is for our future.

Who we are

The journey to net zero is not a journey we can do alone. The people we surround ourselves with, from our team and our customers to our partners, all share a common goal of creating a better, brighter, greener future for how we live.

Welsh digital start-up

Sitting at the intersection of home comfort, construction and energy. Founded in 2017 by James and Andy.

Growing the right way

One of these steps was to achieve B Corp status. This recognises that we are part of a community of businesses across the globe, who are meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. In short, our promise to contribute to saving the planet comes above profits.

Our #teamsero

Based in Central Cardiff our fifty strong team reflects our approach, with an eclectic mix of individuals who are experts and innovators in digital, construction, product development, customer service and people. We value the knowledge and ideas that each member of our team brings to the table and in our office, everyone makes the tea!

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