Get comfort,
not Kilowatts

We are here for three simple reasons: to save you money; to save you time; and to save our world. We make sure you aren’t using energy that you don’t need, and we find the cheapest energy for what you do need. Our simple controls are designed to make it easier to tell us what you want, and our clever systems deliver that for you.

Saving you money

Saving the planet shouldn’t cost the earth! We don’t make money by selling you energy, so we can honestly help you use less. Using Sero Life costs just pennies per day, and we’ll save you more than that by finding and managing your energy to suit your needs.

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Saving you time

Hassle free. Some things should just happen for you whilst you get on with the important things in life or take up a new hobby, maybe? We take care of your home comfort for you, and if you need any help, we’re here for you. Simple.

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Saving our World

We all want to do our bit to fight climate change. Our homes provide a head start by using renewable energy technology, and that’s just the beginning. Our energy systems search out the cheapest, greenest energy to make sure your home life has the lowest possible impact on the planet.

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We also…

We’re good at running your home efficiently because we really know homes – we’re involved in the whole building journey, from our world-leading Zero Carbon homes to retrofitting existing homes. So from concept moots to muddy boots, we understand homes.

We build our own homes

We set the bar for high quality, sustainable homes that provide great places to live and help to fight the climate agenda. Our sister company Sero Homes is leading the way in true Zero Carbon neighbourhoods.

Sero Homes

We upgrade homes

You should be able to change how you live, without changing where you live. We work with some of the largest housing providers in the country, retrofitting homes to set them on a journey towards Zero Carbon. We’re working hard to offer this service to anyone who wants to upgrade their home.

Sero Projects

We build in partnerships

From drawing and design – all the way through to a living, breathing, home for a thriving family – we work with developers at all stages of development providing support and expertise on building Zero Carbon homes. We’re working with housebuilders, local authorities and housing associations to make sure the new homes we build are ready for Net Zero.

Sero Projects