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Who Are We?

Here at Sero, we believe a green, Net Zero Carbon home should be possible for everyone. We’re a team of over 80 passionate individuals, who are experts and innovators in technology, construction, product development, energy, customer service, sales, marketing, and people.

Together, we work across homes, energy, and finance, combining expertise with our technology, to help our clients, develop and implement trusted Net Zero strategies.

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What Do We Do?

Achieving Net Zero is a journey, done in incremental stages.  We bring our passion, independent expertise, and technology, to the entire journey; helping housing providers decide on the right approach and measures to retrofit their homes.

Whether you’re looking for a strategic partner to work with you across your entire journey or have a project that needs one or more of our services, we’re here to get you to Net Zero, simply and affordably.


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Assess with Portfolio Pathways

If you’re looking to better understand your housing stock and what’s required to achieve Net Zero, then Portfolio Pathways is for you. Our digital solution will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions and a strong bid for funding.

Fund with Solar Share Scheme

If you need an alternative way to fund your Retrofit programs, then our Solar Share Scheme could be your solution.  By installing renewable measures and our in-home metering technology into your homes, you can provide your residents with cheaper and cleaner electricity, whilst generating an income stream.

Implement with Retrofit Co-ordination

If you’re looking to get your Retrofit project up and running, then our PAS 2035 compliant Retrofit Co-ordination service is for you.  Using our experience, expertise, and technology, we can help you both develop and coordinate Medium Term Improvement Plans.

Why We Do What We Do

Put simply – because we need to
40% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from households, how we build and live in our homes, makes up a big proportion of this. As a nation, we will not succeed in fighting the Climate Emergency if we don’t effectively eliminate carbon emissions from every one of our homes.

We do this for ours, for yours and for future generations. Sero is for our future.

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