First residents move into low carbon home at Parc Eirin

Parc Eirin is a partnership between Pobl Group, Sero and Tirion Homes to develop a total of 225 two, three and four bedroom low carbon homes that will stand the test of time. The homes will combine a mix of renewable energy technologies (including solar panels, smart hot water tanks and ground source heat pumps, battery storage and smart energy managements systems) to enable them minimise energy use.  This will help keep bills low as well as minimise carbon emissions. The homes also have three phase car charging as standard.

Sharon told us:
“It feels great to be moving in. It was initially frustrating when the site had to close due to Covid-19, but the sales team were absolutely fantastic – they stayed in touch and provided lots of photos along the way, which kept us motivated.”

Sharon and Paul have lived in Tonyrefail for many years and can’t wait to meet their new neighbours at Parc Eirin.

“A lot of us are talking to each other already, through our online Messenger group. As soon as we’re allowed, we’re going to organise a big community BBQ.”

“Parc Eirin is looking really good: there are lots of plants and green space, and we are looking forward to settling here: we hope that this will be the last time we ever move house!”

Pam Bickel, Head of Sales at Pobl said:
“We’re delighted to welcome Sharon and Paul to their new home. The innovative technology and green open spaces at Parc Eirin demonstrate Pobl’s commitment to placemaking and a low-carbon future, and I’m sure that the new residents will enjoy many happy years here.”

James Williams, Managing Director for Sero added:
“The homes at Parc Eirin are clearly a bit different to conventional homes, and the team has enjoyed working with Sharon and Paul to ensure they quickly get to grips with the low carbon technology, and using the Sero Life smart app technology to enable them to easily update their comfort and lifestyle preferences, such as how hot they want their home and when they need hot water and energy.”

David Ward, CEO of Tirion Homes said:
“We are thrilled that the first properties are being handed over at Parc Eirin and truly hope people will feel able to set down roots within this new Community.  Tirion are delighted to be working in collaboration with Pobl, Morganstone and Sero on this cutting-edge innovative scheme, by delivering high quality affordable homes for rent and purchase, whilst helping to lower energy costs and the carbon footprint. The 225-unit scheme, which consists of 111 homes for purchase and 114 for rent, is supported by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy competition for Domestic Demand Side Response.”

Adam McCarthy Construction Manager at Morganstone; We are delighted to have welcomed Sharon, Paul and Sapphire into their new energy saving home at Parc Eirin and to be working in partnership with Pobl, Tirion and Sero Homes supported by Welsh Government. We’re sure that this low carbon, innovative development will provide all of Parc Eirin’s residents new and yet to come with the high quality energy saving homes that they deserve along with a new sense of community and belonging.