International Women’s Day 2023 Meet Holly

Holly our head of finance has been with Sero for 4 years, Holly is happiest on the beach with her family. In the wind, rain or shine there is nothing better than the sound of the waves and the feeling of sand underfoot. But when she’s not enjoying the outdoors she’s busy making Sero a great place to work for her team! Let’s find out a bit more about her career at Sero and the journey so far, and of course the women that inspired her to get here! 


Looking back on your career so far, is there a woman who has consistently inspired you? 

I’d say I’ve been mostly inspired by my peers. Starting my career in a graduate year group with Deloitte, it’s been amazing to watch all the brilliant women I met through that, carving out their own careers and navigating their way through managing families and work.  


What lessons did they pass on to you, that you have now adopted into your own career?

Family first, every time. No matter what is happening in work, for me, family and friends are the most important thing, and they are of course my support network when things do get tough. 


What is your standout moment whilst working at Sero?

Having been with Sero from the start when there was just 4 of us, I’d have to say my stand out moment so far was our summer party last year, when I stood in a room full of about 60 brilliant people knowing that we’d grown this business so much in less than 4 years, and that we now had so many amazing people who had come together with the same goal. 


What advice would you give to women looking to branch into the world of Finance?

Find the right business and role for you, there are so many opportunities in both practice and industry and it’s important to find what fits for you. Embrace the opportunities and seek out what makes you happy. I’m incredibly lucky to work for a business that I truly believe in and that I know will make a difference to people’s lives, and the planet. Accountancy and Finance can often be stereotyped as being a little dry, but when you can combine it with something you’re passionate about, it can be really fulfilling (and dare I say exciting!). 


Lastly when the work tools are down what do you do to switch off?

Mostly I’m hanging out with my family and friends. We have 2 young children and we like to get outside as much as possible. My favourite place to take them is the beach (you can take the girl out of Cornwall…). I also love to cycle and read (but not at the same time!)