Making a Mark

Some words from @sophiepotterco: “Working with Sero has been a great ongoing project. My work is often inspired by nature and it’s been a dream to work with a B Corp who have a strong emphasis on low environmental impact. When creating the work I kept the core ideas of energy, fun and green in mind, which I hope comes through in the energetic and joyful illustrations!”

The stripped back colour palette reflects the no-nonsense of Sero Life. We simplify the complicated, not just with our tech tools but throughout all of our communications. The natural illustrative hand drawn style and humour goes hand in hand with our brand. I mean who doesn’t love a hedgehog eating cake or a girl learning to unicycle!

Saving the world is not always the work of ‘white collars’, it’s down to all of us and the brand should reflect this. It’s friendly, approachable and energetic! The power of simple, clear communication can make a positive mark on the way we live. It’s about understanding, relating and working together to spread the message and help make a difference for our future generations.

Katie, Brand Manager

Illustrator: @sophiepotterco
Photography: Alex Sedgmond