Dan Murray

System Engineer

Dans favourite place is anywhere with his partner, whether that’s chilling watching Netflix or out having adventures and travelling together.

Mick Ashley

Program Manager

Mick loves being in the great outdoors, whether it’s out on the hills in the lake district, dressed in spandex and exploring on the road bike or pottering in the garden, he is happy! The addition of a cold cider and his wife make it all the more better!

Keiron Lloyd

Senior Operations Manager

Keiron is happiest whilst in the Sea, be that dipping his toe during a beach walk with his partner or whilst Scuba Diving in the warmer months (which is ironic given his allergy to Fish).

Steve Rummels

Partnership Manager

Steve’s favorite place is wherever his kids and/or partner are. Although walking the dog around local Cardiff parks comes a close second. If a holiday is on the cards he will head to the Devon / Dorset coast or once every few years he might make it to Puerto Pollensa as a special treat.

Jim McArdell

Head of Projects

Jim loves to be in, next to or just generally within sight of the sea be that surfing the waves, walking on the beach or spending time with the family.

Natalie Jopling

Project assistant

Natalie loves visiting beautiful locations around the world (her favorite so far being Bali), learning about the variety of different cultures, whilst watching the sunset on a beach with a cocktail in hand.

Shijith Sasidharan Pillai

System Engineer

Lee Fisher

Technical Manager

Lee is happiest when relaxing at home with his son and Border Terrier dog. In his spare time Lee is a keen musician and loves all live music. Whether it’s a busker, open mic night or following his ageing 00’s Indie heroes….. If there’s a guitar, and a pint, he’ll be there.

Alex Layton

Project Administrator

Outdoors in nature, especially in the mountains.

Victoria Jacques

Project Manager

Victoria loves nothing more than going to New Quay in Wales on sunny days. Sitting on the sea front with an ice cream from Crème Pen Cei and watching the Dolphins out at sea.

Anne-Marie Ratcliffe

Senior Project Manager

Anne-Marie’s favourite place is the Arctic. With each dropping degree in temperature, she gets a degree more alive (though this has only been tested to about 20 so there are probably limits…)

Tom WoodWard

Project Manager

Tom is easy to please: he is happiest adventuring around by foot or bicycle whenever and wherever he can. Bonus points awarded when accompanied by sun, trees or at least one dog.

Josh Skyrme

Systems Engineer

Josh loves spending time with his partner and daughter whether that be chilling at home or adventures out in the sun.